Lookin’ Down OR Lookin’ UP?

ON a recent trip out west, my plane was flying low enough that I could catch a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains.  It would be my first view of the Rockies and I was less than impressed. NOW you and I both know the Rocky Mountains are nothing less than awe inspiring, but from my angle, […]... Read More


I recently read a newspaper article about a lady nicknamed Peaches. She grew up in SC, attended and became a cheerleader at a NC university, moved to England, and serves in a position chosen and appointed by the Queen. Yes, THAT Queen. Because of the girl’s relationship with the Queen of England, the Queen calls […]... Read More


I found myself in front of a keyboard staring at a blank screen, frustrated, teary-eyed, and ready to give up. I was preparing a message for a ladies retreat and the message wasn’t coming. I wanted to quit. In reality, I was worn out, stressed out, and burned out. I’d had enough! Elijah the Prophet […]... Read More

The Dress

I wore a dress to church today. I don’t usually wear dresses. I don’t wear dresses often because I don’t like the way my skinny, white legs look sticking out of the bottom.  But today, I wore a dress because it didn’t need ironing. Good reason, right? My dress was a hit. I received many […]... Read More
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A Daughter Without A Mother

My mother took her last breath on Easter morning and at that moment I became a daughter without a mother.  It took some time for what that meant to settle in. At the moment you lose someone you love, the pain is immediate but the implications aren’t so obvious. Until later. I walk through the […]... Read More
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No Need For The Pity Party

      I was having a pity party that night.  My daughter had recently given birth to our first grandchild and ten days later my sweet mom went to her eternal home with Jesus.  I was used to talking to my mother and daughter everyday but suddenly life as I knew it no longer existed. No […]... Read More

If I Had Known…

If I had known I would have… Stayed a little longer. Hugged a little tighter. Spoke only of the good things in life instead of complaining about the bad. Listened more and talked less. Asked more questions and remembered the answers. Prayed with you more and not take YOUR prayers for granted. Thanked you for loving […]... Read More

the POTTER’s house – part one

One year ago today, I was a patient in what is known to many as Duke Hospital. Duke is a well known medical center, but to me it’s the Potter’s house. On September 24, 2014 I had Open Heart Surgery for Heart Valve Replacement. A gifted surgeon performed the surgery. I was in good hands. […]... Read More
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JUST get up

In my last post, I wrote about Gideon, the Mighty Warrior. Gideon was an ordinary guy doing an ordinary thing when God called him to be a Mighty Warrior. God promised He was sending Gideon, He would be with Gideon, and Gideon would have victory over the enemy. All Gideon had to do was to […]... Read More