Random Lessons and Wisdom From MOM

My MOM was full of wisdom and love. In honor of Mother’s Day I thought I would offer a Public Service Announcement and share her advice with my many readers. (All 4 of you. There were 5 but one died on March 27, 2016.)

1. Wear Layers.

2. Be friendly to everyone. You can always say hello to someone even if you don’t know them. (Even when it embarrasses your teenage daughter.)

3. Black patent leather shoes go with everything. White are for one season and are a waste of money.

4. Always carry Kleenex and a mint in your pocket.

5. The mint in your pocket works well to quieten a child during church.

6. Treat everyone like they belong to the family. Even the inlaws and outlaws.

7. Always make your bed.

8. Wearing something on your head (hairdryer cap) provides an excuse when you pretend you can’t hear what the children are arguing about.

9. Store the 1000 pairs of “footies” in the shoebox with the shoes. It will give your family comic relief when they go through your belongings after you die.

10. Patience will cause others to believe you are a Saint. (She was.)

11. Nothing good happens after 11pm. (From personal experience I know she was correct.)

12. Pretend to pull for your husband’s favorite team over yours to keep peace in the marriage.

13. Keep quiet when your team beats his team.

14. It’s ok to have a bedtime snack. It’s ok to eat something “unhealthy” every now and then. Ice Cream makes a great dinner occasionally. It’s even ok to let your children drink coke sometimes.

15. Play the piano when waiting.

16. Keep sentimental items even when good sense tells you to throw them out.

17. Say I love you.

18. After a trip to the mall, you don’t have to show everything you bought. Just put it away and wear it when it’s time.

19. Stay positive, even when your daughter sarcastically calls you “Mary Sunshine”.

20. You don’t have to micromanage your children.

21. Distraction is the best tool to deal with a child’s temper tantrum.

22. Forgive, and pray for the person who needs to be forgiven.

23. Place a fragrance sachet in every closet and drawer.

24. You will survive without a dishwasher.

25. Grandchildren can do NO wrong. I mean NO wrong. Whatsoever.

26. Sing randomly. Read your Bible everyday.

27. Pray. Pray. Pray. Always.

You’re welcome.

© 2017 Robin King


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