The Dress

I wore a dress to church today. I don’t usually wear dresses. I don’t wear dresses often because I don’t like the way my skinny, white legs look sticking out of the bottom.  But today, I wore a dress because it didn’t need ironing. Good reason, right?

My dress was a hit. I received many compliments and not one person said a thing about my skinny, white legs (although they may have been thinking it)! I was feeling really good about my dress and the way I looked. I taught my small group with confidence in my dress. In fact, I was getting a little ‘puffed up” about my dress. “I should do this more often” I said.  “I will go buy more dresses” I said. I was flying high about my dress.

But nothing burst your pride bubble like a hanger strap sticking out. You know, those pesky little strips of ribbon or stretchy plastic that keep your clothing on the hanger. I looked nice with the hanger strap hanging out. REAL nice! A sweet friend noticed it as I taught but was too polite to say anything, until after class when her OCD got the best of her and she FIXED my strap. At that time, another friend FIXED the other side. KA POW! Puffed up dress bubble gone!

Pride. Being puffed up. It’s not a good thing. In fact, the Bible warns us about pride. You can count on it leading to a fall and straps hanging out.

So cut the pride out and cut the straps off.

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Proverbs 16:18



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