RED among the pink

Each Spring, I plant Impatiens in pots around our deck. Pink Impatiens and ONLY pink! You may ask “why pink impatiens? A little OCD?” The reason is…I can’t kill them. My thumb isn’t exactly green you know and Impatiens are the only thing my floral history shows I can grow. This Spring was no different. I planted […]... Read More

Again and Again

Again and Again. The Bird kept hitting the window again and again. Each morning at work, we gather for a “Morning Huddle” where we discuss the day’s schedule and patients. One morning, while I was still a “newbie”, I heard a “thump” during the huddle. I thought a patient was coming in the door but […]... Read More

There WAS This Bee…

I was TRYING to work on my Bible Study while sitting on the deck at our house and there was this BEE… It kept buzzing around my head. And it wasn’t the first time. This BEE was a regular. In recent days every time I tried to sit on our deck and enjoy the view, […]... Read More

No Buds and Grapes

It was Springtime and our yard wasn’t looking its best. If not for the weeds, there would be no green “grass”.  Our azaleas, usually the glorious picture of home and garden magazine material were cut back in the Fall, maybe a little too much, and the few blooms that remained were to be quite honest, […]... Read More


You’ve probably heard the old saying, “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”  I guess this old saying is supposed to inspire and encourage you to keep going, or hang on because help is on the way. Or, whatever trouble or frustration you are having will eventually […]... Read More