NO Regret!

When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher.  As I grew older, I loved social studies and history and my dream was to be a high school history teacher. After high school graduation, I moved to ECU to pursue my dream. Two weeks later, (or 10 days to be exact as my family […]... Read More

15 Years

When Rod was diagnosed with liver disease in 2001, the doctor gave him months to live. As he entered the ICU on that August night in 2002, his months had become days, and very soon his days,  would become hours. As his kidneys began to fail, we received the news on a Sunday, that early […]... Read More
Lillie's handprints

Little HAND Prints

I was cleaning our house a couple of days ago when I noticed two little hand prints on the back door. Immediately, I recognized the hands to be those of our little granddaughter, Lillie. She had been with us a couple of weekends earlier and the prints left behind were evidence of her visit. Of […]... Read More

Daddy Now and Forever

Once a Father always a Father. Jesus having loved his disciples, “loved them to the very end.” (John 13:1) Jesus demonstrated his love for the disciples by washing their feet and setting an example of humble service for them to follow. I could say that about my own Father and Mother. They loved me from […]... Read More

Hobble or RUN?

At the showdown with the prophets of the false god Baal, Elijah challenge the people with the question “How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him! But if Baal is God, then follow him!” But the people were completely silent. (1 Kings 18:21). In contrast, Paul […]... Read More

Lookin’ Down OR Lookin’ UP?

ON a recent trip out west, my plane was flying low enough that I could catch a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains.  It would be my first view of the Rockies and I was less than impressed. NOW you and I both know the Rocky Mountains are nothing less than awe inspiring, but from my angle, […]... Read More


I recently read a newspaper article about a lady nicknamed Peaches. She grew up in SC, attended and became a cheerleader at a NC university, moved to England, and serves in a position chosen and appointed by the Queen. Yes, THAT Queen. Because of the girl’s relationship with the Queen of England, the Queen calls […]... Read More


I found myself in front of a keyboard staring at a blank screen, frustrated, teary-eyed, and ready to give up. I was preparing a message for a ladies retreat and the message wasn’t coming. I wanted to quit. In reality, I was worn out, stressed out, and burned out. I’d had enough! Elijah the Prophet […]... Read More

The Dress

I wore a dress to church today. I don’t usually wear dresses. I don’t wear dresses often because I don’t like the way my skinny, white legs look sticking out of the bottom.  But today, I wore a dress because it didn’t need ironing. Good reason, right? My dress was a hit. I received many […]... Read More